• FFS (Form, fill and seal) or HDSS (heavy duty shipping sacks) are used in the petrochemical industry or other industries such as fertilizers, building materials, dry chemicals, powders, sand and food.
  • Our company invests continuously in the latest extrusion technology machines so that we can offer the best technical high quality FFS solutions for your packaging needs, based on our high expertise and experience.
  • A high-quality product is produced on our state-of- art 3 layer co-extruders for an excellent performance on your packaging lines resulting in a good pallet stability during transportation and storage of the packed products.
  • Rigidity, stiffness and toughness during packaging, storage and transportation to avoid tearing, rupture and other damage to the film is extremely important.
  • Continues developments in thickness reduction is one of our major targets.  Material savings reduces the environmental impact.
  • FFS film can be produced in rolls as gusseted tube or flat tube, with or without micro perforation and with embossing if required.
  • Flexographic printing is available up to 6 colors.